Wednesday, 2 April 2014


It's been a little over six months since my last post. Guess I'm almost as bad as keeping up with blogging as I am with zines? I really couldn't be arsed with it for a while after Google deleted all my pictures, but I kinda wanna get back to it again. Especially since I bought a DRESS the other day. Yeah, you heard me. Jen and I went to Big Boogie Prom last weekend, hosted by the wonderful Rebs, and I was FEMME AS FUCK. Not sorry.

Thanks Norman for the picture!

I wore a shift dress from New Look. It has pockets! I wore it with my army surplus boots because come on it wouldn't be very me otherwise. I didn't wear any jewellery because I couldn't find any (we just moved house) but Chloe brought me an amazing Salt n Pepa badge so I put it on straight away! Jen wore a shirt from New Look mens and tie from Primark.

Chloe took this one.

Jen and I were also DJ's for the evening. Chloe documented my sadness at being forced into playing the 5ive megamix. 9 minutes (9 MINUTES!) of my life I'll never get back...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fuck Google

Apparently if you delete Google+, all your blogspot images get deleted too. Who knew? Thanks Google! I'd move over to Wordpress but everyone knows this is my blog address and also, effort.

Anyway, any blog posts before this one have no pictures for that reason, and I know everyone hates a blog with no pictures, you fickle motherfuckers.

:) x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life gets in the way

Sorry for the huge amount of time since my last post. I've just been so busy, I've not even blogged about the zine fest! It went amazingly well, and was loads of fun (and also a bit stressful). Still, I can't wait to start organising the next zine event in Sheffield! Loads of people have blogged about it, here are some of them!

Spill the Zines:

Me and Chella were also interviewed by Russell Cavanagh. Video here:

Me and my bunting! (Thanks Rebs for the supplies!)

Jen at my table. I barely had time to sit at my own stall all day!

In other news, Jen and I have found an awesome flat in Sheffield, and we'll be moving in next week! It's perfect for us, huge, central, and cheap! I got lucky when I called up a friends landlord to see if he had anything available, and he had just started to renovate this place. It's almost finished, the plumber is in today and there are a few electrician jobs to do, then we get to decorate. I'm so excited!

Maybe once we've moved and I have more time (because I'm currently travelling 2+ hours each way to work) I'll also be able to start doing some proper outfit posts and writing about fashion and gender presentation again. At the moment, all I seem to be wearing is pyjamas and this:

Nice huh? I'm enjoying my new(ish) job, I'm just not enjoying all that travelling! Anyway, more news soon about the flat and a zine update! xo

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Preparing for SZF!

I've been terrible at blogging recently, so a little update.

I've finished issue 5 of Buy Her Candy in plenty of time for the zine fest! It won't be on sale until the day of the fest though. Partly because I'm lazy and I don't want to sell loads and have to make more copies.

Chella and I appeared in the Sheffield Star, which was a bit weird. There was an (only slightly inaccurate) full page interview/article and this picture:

Planning and organising the zine fest has been fun but stressful. We are almost ready though, so now we just need to get through the event itself!

My super nitpicking organisational skills come in handy. See also; scale drawing.


 A couple of photos of Electric Works. On the left is the main area where we'll be hosting small exhibitions, the communal table, a zine library and coffee/cake! On the right is one way of getting from the top floor to reception!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sheffield Zine Fest

I'm organising Sheffield Zine Fest 2013! It's at Electric Works which is right between the train station and bus station. So far some brilliant zinesters have confirmed to be tabling and it's gonna be awesome! Please come along if you're in the area. More info at

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In which I whine about not conforming to an androgynous stereotype.

As a fat person who I suppose invests more in the clothes I wear than just seeing them as a particular fashion I might be into at the time, I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of clothes available to me. What I wear affects how I'm read and how I feel about myself, and my fat body means I can't just do androgyny and be read how I want to be.

Plus size clothing lines and shops are better than they used to be, I know. (Although Evans seems to be regressing to its frumpy floral roots.) However, they are still very limiting to me. I don't want to wear dresses, lovely as they are, and plus size retailers seem to have adopted high femme and run with it. I'm not comfortable doing femme anymore, and it is near on impossible for me to find the properly fitting androgynous clothes that I feel myself in.

Men's clothes are an option, sure. I can find styles that are more me. Unfortunately those styles are not made for my body. I am basically the opposite shape of the majority of masculine bodied folks. I have a fat ass, huge hips, short arms and breasts that cannot be hidden. Menswear is basically a no-go, so I stick to women's basics, neutral as possible. This is difficult in fat sizes because the detail lets me down more often than not. Think about how women's shirts often don't button all the way to the collar. How there is a little extra frill, a fancy button, a 3/4 sleeve, a distinct lack of pockets! Little things, but things that make all the difference to someone genderqueer, androgynous, or masculine of centre.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The whole city is your jewellery box

Next month I turn 30 and Jen has got me the amazing Pulp shirt with lyrics from Sheffield Sex City. It's hidden away and I can't have it 'til my birthday, but I'm already dreaming of wearing it ALL THE TIME. Here's what I wanna wear with it:

Pulp shirt - Iffyton Stores £20
Cardigan - Matalan £18
Braces - Topman £10
Jeans - H&M+ £25

I already have all these except the cardigan. I'm gonna hit the vintage stores on Division Street next week and probably charity shops up Eccy Road in search of a cable knit cardigan, but if I don't find anything I might get this Matalan one. My trusty H&M skinny jeans I wear pretty much every day and I have them in black and maroon. These braces are nice but I got mine off ebay for 2 quid, and the bag was also from ebay and was about 4 quid, I could only find a new one for sale on a french website for €39. What would you wear this shirt with?