Thursday, 9 August 2012

Little Zine Party and Other Adventures! (Part 2)

On the Saturday we got up early again (not quite as early as the day before) to get into Manchester for our journey to Birmingham. Luckily we arrived in Birmingham 15 minutes early, wandered through town to find our bus stop, and spotted Ingrid (Mythologising Me) and Sarah-Beth (Ellipsis). Actually Jen spotted them, I was just looking confused at the bus stops.

Little Zine Party was held at Ort Cafe, a lovely community cafe in Balsall Heath. It wasn't super busy but it was nice to actually talk to people and wander around instead of sitting behind a table all day! Sarah (of Elderflower Tea zine) did a wonderful job in organising it and there was the odd group of people passing through and staying for a chat too. I managed to not take any photos at the zine party, go me! Tukru took some though, including this one of Jen at my table, the back of my head, and some randomer.

Photo by Tukru

Actually this guy was really rude, and didn't seem to get the point of zines but stayed all day anyway! I found out afterwards he was picking up zines off tables and declaring them "rubbish" and "junk". I wish I'd heard him so I could've told him where to go. Jen told him off though! Come to think of it, there was a fair few strange folk around, just most of 'em didn't stick around and be rude to people. Oh well. I, myself, am strange and unusual.

Afterwards, a bunch of us headed to town to drool over stationery in Paperchase and eat delicious food at the Soya Cafe. Of course, we were the badass zinester kids at the back of the bus...

Sarah-Beth, Cath and Tukru.

Ingrid, me, Sarah-Beth, Cath, Jen and Rebecca. (Photo by Tukru.)

What trip to Birmingham is complete without a visit to The Sexy Shop? (I particularly enjoyed the sexy tea towels.)

Tukru having a sexy time.

This seemed like a good idea at the time?

Jen and I stayed over in a posh hotel where we managed to get a super cheap deal, so it worked out cheaper than the backpackers hostel would've for the both of us. Also, there was EPIC BREAKFAST BUFFET.

Before heading home we visited Ikon Gallery where we spent more time glueing bits of paper together than looking at art, and then were a bit unimpressed by the new library.

Cool points if you noticed the Beetlejuice quote. :)


  1. i had to go back looking for the beetlejuice quote :S

    i wanna move northwards so it is more feasible to hang out with y'all lovely people. <3

    1. I wanna move south for the same reason! But not too far south. :)

  2. I spotted it! I am so sorry about the Balsall Heath Creeps! I found that guy really hard to handle... kinda wanted to tell him to fuck off outta our party, but also be open minded and polite. I'm glad you had fun - I really worried I had let everyone down since there was a lack of people entering/steady stream. I'll write a post with my thoughts at some point too. xxxx

  3. I had an awesome time :)

    I kind of feel awkward about that picture of us all outside that shop now. I guess I kind of think it could easily be taken out of context, but then I wonder what context it was for you guys. I kind of thought it was meant to be tongue in cheek, seeing as this shop also sold tea towels.