Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In which I whine about not conforming to an androgynous stereotype.

As a fat person who I suppose invests more in the clothes I wear than just seeing them as a particular fashion I might be into at the time, I'm finding myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of clothes available to me. What I wear affects how I'm read and how I feel about myself, and my fat body means I can't just do androgyny and be read how I want to be.

Plus size clothing lines and shops are better than they used to be, I know. (Although Evans seems to be regressing to its frumpy floral roots.) However, they are still very limiting to me. I don't want to wear dresses, lovely as they are, and plus size retailers seem to have adopted high femme and run with it. I'm not comfortable doing femme anymore, and it is near on impossible for me to find the properly fitting androgynous clothes that I feel myself in.

Men's clothes are an option, sure. I can find styles that are more me. Unfortunately those styles are not made for my body. I am basically the opposite shape of the majority of masculine bodied folks. I have a fat ass, huge hips, short arms and breasts that cannot be hidden. Menswear is basically a no-go, so I stick to women's basics, neutral as possible. This is difficult in fat sizes because the detail lets me down more often than not. Think about how women's shirts often don't button all the way to the collar. How there is a little extra frill, a fancy button, a 3/4 sleeve, a distinct lack of pockets! Little things, but things that make all the difference to someone genderqueer, androgynous, or masculine of centre.

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  1. I soooo identify with this. To the extent I can't think of anything to say except "I agree". But I'm nodding my head vigorously.