Sunday, 20 January 2013

The whole city is your jewellery box

Next month I turn 30 and Jen has got me the amazing Pulp shirt with lyrics from Sheffield Sex City. It's hidden away and I can't have it 'til my birthday, but I'm already dreaming of wearing it ALL THE TIME. Here's what I wanna wear with it:

Pulp shirt - Iffyton Stores £20
Cardigan - Matalan £18
Braces - Topman £10
Jeans - H&M+ £25

I already have all these except the cardigan. I'm gonna hit the vintage stores on Division Street next week and probably charity shops up Eccy Road in search of a cable knit cardigan, but if I don't find anything I might get this Matalan one. My trusty H&M skinny jeans I wear pretty much every day and I have them in black and maroon. These braces are nice but I got mine off ebay for 2 quid, and the bag was also from ebay and was about 4 quid, I could only find a new one for sale on a french website for €39. What would you wear this shirt with?

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