Thursday, 7 March 2013

Preparing for SZF!

I've been terrible at blogging recently, so a little update.

I've finished issue 5 of Buy Her Candy in plenty of time for the zine fest! It won't be on sale until the day of the fest though. Partly because I'm lazy and I don't want to sell loads and have to make more copies.

Chella and I appeared in the Sheffield Star, which was a bit weird. There was an (only slightly inaccurate) full page interview/article and this picture:

Planning and organising the zine fest has been fun but stressful. We are almost ready though, so now we just need to get through the event itself!

My super nitpicking organisational skills come in handy. See also; scale drawing.


 A couple of photos of Electric Works. On the left is the main area where we'll be hosting small exhibitions, the communal table, a zine library and coffee/cake! On the right is one way of getting from the top floor to reception!


  1. Looks like it will be a brill event, wish i lived closer to be able to come to these events.

    good luck for it and i hope you have some copies left (in a good way) so i can buy one at the next clothes swap. x

  2. It was a brilliant day out, thank you for making it happen.

    The advance planning showed off well with the amount of "stuff to do" going on, and different amounts of interacting with people so outgoing folks had stuff to engage with people through, and for quieter types there were things like the art wall and 1913 exhibit. Fabulous work, and oh my such a pretty venue!